© 2017 Peter van Agtmael/Magnum Photos Entrance to Camps V and VI at the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Voice of Witness (VOW) is a non-profit that promotes human rights and dignity by amplifying the voices of people impacted by injustice. Through an oral history book series and education program, VOW fosters a more nuanced, empathy-based understanding of human rights crises.


VOW’s work is driven by a strong belief in the transformative power of the story, for both teller and listener.


For over ten years, VOW has illuminated human rights crises in the U.S. and globally. Its oral history book series has amplified hundreds of seldom-heard voices, including those of wrongfully convicted Americans, undocumented immigrants, and people in Burma, Zimbabwe, and Colombia.


VOW’s education program serves over 20,000 people annually. Its oral history pedagogy has been used to train a broad range of advocates for human rights and dignity, including educators, writers, journalists, attorneys, and medical doctors.

Voice of Witness

Curriculum materials, excerpts, as well as more about VOW and PATRIOT ACTS can be found here:

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